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Written: 11 July 2012 Last updated: 25 July 2012

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I recently needed some kind of tool to delete files in a folder tree leaving out certain files. I googled for any free tools that could do the job but did not find any, so decided to put together one. This one is written in C#, feel free to download it and use it. Please keep in mind that this tool comes with no warranties or guaranties and I will be not responsible for any damage, data loss that may occur due to use of this tool.

Using this tool: The main window looks like this

Main window of the tool

You enter the folder in the folder textbox and enter the filter to exclude files that you don't want to be deleted in the filter textbox. Then press the Preview button. This will show up next

Window showing files to be deleted and what is not to be deleted

This shows the files that will be deleted and which ones will be kept. Then click on Delete button to start deleting the files. You will have confirm the deletion.


Download the tool by clicking on the download button below and please post your feedback below in comments.


Domain Registrations starting at $9.98*
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